We, the community of Jabber (XMPP), consider it one of treasures of freedom, privacy and independence given to us by Free and Open Source Software. We urge you to value Jabber network as a part of Open Internet.

But freedom is not free. This is true for this case. Jabber as technology, infrastructure and software is undervalued since its birth because it is not backed by corporations' power, in turn it loses the competition on features and availability to proprietary solutions. This has lead to the situation we have now: millions of people in Skype, almost noone in Jabber. But Skype didn't evolve all these years (still no native x86-64 app!), while Jabber did. Tools for software development got so much better. Privacy and security awareness got much higher. Voluntary shutdowns of great products, e. g. by Google, made a lot of people to get some facts about ownership. This is really the time for Jabber to shoot ahead and to reign for long.

So what to do?

In the scope of server:

This server is fully based on FOSS. The server's configuration files and deployment scripts are open, too - see Git repo.

You can:

Thanks for your interest!